Thursday, November 27, 2014

Playstation 4 and psn codes

One year after its launch, the Sony has decided to synthesize short history of PlayStation 4 by a detailed infographic.

November 2013 was a good month for gamers around the world. In the same period were released at close distances the two next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. It is about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Reaching the first year of life for PlayStation 4, the Japanese decided to publish on the official site an infographic that you can see in detail below.
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In this format we find that, by this time, 13.5 million PlayStation consoles have been delivered around the globe. Although "console delivered" does not necessarily mean consoles purchased by users, a few months ago people at Sony have exceeded 10 million PS4 purchased. For this reason, chances are 13.5 million threshold is very close. As a small detail, the same threshold of 10 million consoles sold was achieved by Microsoft with its Xbox One three months later.

PlayStation fans have been played over one billion hours before the new console. Share button on the controller, which allows you to share your performance in online games, was pressed over 530 million times. Also one year after the launch PS4, PlayStation Plus subscribers number increased by 270% to 7.9 million threshold.
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In the US, one of the most important sales markets in the world of gadgets, PlayStation 4 has recorded higher revenue in the first year than the Xbox One. It remains to see if this supremacy will continue during the holidays this year.