Monday, December 8, 2014

Nintendo 3DS has its exploits

A developer discovers a way to boot homebrew software on the console 3D Nintendo, although it is irrelevant for the purposes of using pirated Rome - More than three years after its debut the way to the development of programs "homebrew" thanks to an exploit that allows to execute arbitrary code on the console. An exploit the limited scope, if it comes to piracy of original games.

The developer who has identified the worm exploit has created a web page with explanations necessary to exploit the exploit, baptized for the occasion Ninjhax: the bug lies in the ability to create levels of Cubic Ninja, underrated platformer for 3DS came out 3 years ago.

The levels generated by users can be created - a different code for each combination of hardware and firmware of the Nintendo - causes Cubic Ninja bootloader loads a saved on an SD card. The final part of the hack is to download additional code on the console (via WiFi) and the installation of a front-end for homebrew programs the rescue within the game.

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The creator of Ninjhax says he discovered the exploit for some time, and was not interested piracy in any way: the exploit is "user mode", and therefore can not be used to run pirated versions of games commercial.

But the publication of Ninjhax has already had its effect on the sales content from Nintendo and is sold at high price on auction sites code and the tampering of its hardware play is well known.

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