Thursday, February 19, 2015

Clash of Clans Gems

Phones are getting bigger, and so is the amount of time playing games on themThe average time spent playing mobile games in 2014 increased 57 percent compared to 2012, according to a report of the data group NPD Group. Organization study shows that people spent about three hours a day playing games on their iPhone, Android and tablets. In 2012, he was 2 hours 20 minutes. While the phones are a big part of this trend, large tablets is actually driving the increase in playing time.
NPD found that not only do people spend more time playing on tablets, but these players are more likely to spend money. This is a good thing for the industry, and it's a big reason why mobile gaming has become a market of $ 25 billion.

"Continuous cell growth cause existing customers pay to play more, especially in the part free-to-play market," said NPD analyst Liam Callahan industry. "A positive sign of the trend in consumer behavior in this way is that more than twice the number of players who make a purchase applications reported in the game than they did when we conducted this study it Two years ago. "
Clash of Clans Gems
Now if you're wondering why these mobile players like, imagine someone very young. People of all ages are games on phones and tablets, but NPD Group shows that children aged 2 to 12 pass more time on mobile gaming devices. This group also play five different games on average, and they play an average of three premium-price games as opposed to Free to play. They are also second only to 25-44 players in spending on new games and in-app purchases in the last 30 days ... I hope that parents are aware of this.
There is no denying the important children play in driving revenue, "said Callahan." But this is adult gamers who spend more than children and adolescents. This group also tend to be responsible for the experiments Game their young children, making it a target for developers and marketers as well. "
Finally, the report argues that NDP mobile people who like to play on smart devices as on the console or PC games. Only 20 percent are "only" mobile gamers, but the phones and tablets dominate in terms of time spent in the game, regardless of how many people own devices. This does not mean mobile game comes to spending and PC Console. NDP says that players have long played on these platforms as they were a year ago, which means that the total game is probably eat in other media, such as television.Titled "Pro Cricket 2015 ICC "the game was released on PC, Android, iOS and provide users around the world a taste of real cricket through a digital platform. The announcement was made on behalf of the band Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) Mid and famous as Cricket World - Brett Lee and Harsha Bhogle.ICC Pro Cricket 2015 is a Indiagames sin, which has developed many cricket games based worldwide audience for over ten years.

With the latest offering - ICC Cricket Pro 2015 - Indiagames has developed an "as real" simulation game experience It is the pleasure of a cricket fan Equipped with two full games and more than 25 corners in the game.. does not stop the action. The game features a super-immersive gameplay, stunning graphics and multiple game modes that make the gaming experience as similar to the real ground game as possible for PC users, mobile and SRD. In the game, users can earn, trade and collect players to create their fantasy team can put the right foot against the best players in the world. Players also have the option of playing the referee ICC World Cup 2015 14 teams in the tournament with real players like MS Dhoni, Michael Clarke, James Anderson and others.

"It is a great honor to launch this game in cooperation with the ICC and Disney India. The graphics are amazing and I love the fact that this game can be played on PC not only but on your phone as well. I'm sure many people will be hit six to take their prized wicket of David Warner with this game, "said Brett Lee.

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